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With over 30+ years of proven B2B tech marketing expertise, our senior tech marketers and partners develop engaging, targeted content experiences for all B2B tech roles, from IT to CXOs. We approach omnichannel digital content creation using a combination of content marketing, content strategy and strategic communications. That’s how we deliver impressive results.

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Tech Buyer's Challenger: Research vendors that have the best reputation, ask peers and select one vendor.

Nearly 66% of B2B tech buyers have already made a solution decision before contacting a sales rep. That means they have been binging on vendor content, oftentimes without out you knowing it. How can marketers catch buyers earlier, with the right content, while they are doing this research?

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Marketer's Challenge: We need a variety of engaging audience-centric content for quality sales leads to win deals faster. How can we do this?

All campaigns require new, updated and derivative content that engages and connects quickly with potential buyers. Is your content telling stories for the customer or for itself? Are you moving prospects through the buyer’s journey, with speed in mind?

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