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Want to accelerate the results of your digital marketing? At Leancut Communications, our expertise is B2B tech content marketing. We create audience-targeted content engagement experiences for lead generation campaigns. We know how to talk to key tech audiences, such as decision makers (CTO’s, CIO’s) and influencers (IT Managers, DevOps) to get your solutions in front of the right buyers. If content engagement has been under performing across multiple platforms and your campaigns are not generating the leads you need, we can help.

Tech Buyers' Challenges: Find the best technology that meets needs and price range

According to industry reports, nearly 66% of B2B tech buyers have already made a purchase decision before contacting a sales rep. That means their team has been binging on your website or campaign content, sometimes without you knowing.

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Marketers' Challenges: Generate engagement with quality content

All campaigns require targeting, along with conversational content that engages and connects quickly with potential buyers. Is your content telling business and tech benefits, as well as competitor differentiation stories? Are the messages “connecting”?

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