Mary Meeker

Highlights: Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2015 Report

Today Mary Meeker, the esteemed Internet industry analyst from the long ago dot-com boom, shared her annual report – 2015 Internet Trends – at Re/Code’s annual code conference. As always, it’s steeped in great data and insight that will be quoted in business and VC presentations for the rest of the year. If you’re in…

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@500Startups Weapons of Mass Distribution (Videos)

500 Startups’ first Weapons of Mass Distribution (aka Marketing) event was chock-full of actionable insight. The speakers were top notch, hands-on optimization and analytics gurus that focused on all things we marketers care about – customer acquisition, acquisition costs, quality leads (rather than quantity), testing within reason – based on where you are in your…

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Happy Conversion Rate Optimization Day

Have you heard? There’s a new special day for every digital marketer’s calendar: International Conversion Rate Optimization Day is tomorrow, April 9th. Leave it to marketers to create an event like this! But it’s genius. It’s grassroots. And any marketing technology vendor and digital marketing thought leader can jump in and help educate the bewildered…

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Tips For Building Long-Term Business Relationships

When it comes to building long-term business relationships, universities are THE experts – hands down. Companies can learn a lot from them. The astounding fact is that a brief four-year experience creates the foundation for a mutually beneficial lifetime relationship. Investing in an education builds a “forever bond” with alum. It’s on their resume and…

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