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A few months back Jason Calacanis, successful startup entreprenuer, Angel investor, host of This Week in Startups and founder of the Launch Festival (among a long list of other businesses), introduced a new product called LAUNCH Ticker – extending the LAUNCH conference brand.

The two daily LAUNCH Ticker startup news roundup emails are perfect for busy startup leaders and tech news junkies who want to stay up-to-date with the BIG news of the day in easy to consume chunks. (Think Venture Beat meets All Things Digital with a twist of Business Insider.) The presentation is perfect for an ADHD “scroll down fast” world: a clean white background, images, Twitter account names for the companies and people mentioned, and a simple well crafted “loaded” news bite with a link off for more details. It’s smart and efficient.

Earlier versions included Jason asking the staffer who drafted the ticker to fact check for more details on certain stories. She then added the info and he usually commented on it.  It was a running dialogue, stream-of-thought style, which I enjoyed and was frequently witty. It has shifted to less commentary by Jason, which I hope is only temporary.  The blending of news with a lighter commentary (sometimes snarky, sometimes silly) helped to define its brand voice. It hooked me!

Below is an example of the style I mentioned above. This is also now the official footer for each edition.


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Posted on 08/17/2013 in Blog (All Posts), Startups (News & Trends)

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