Tips For Building Long-Term Business Relationships

When it comes to building long-term business relationships, universities are THE experts – hands down. Companies can learn a lot from them. The astounding fact is that a brief four-year experience creates the foundation for a mutually beneficial lifetime relationship. Investing in an education builds a “forever bond” with alum. It’s on their resume and…

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@garyvee: The Most Important Word Ever (For Success)

People who are passionate about what they do don’t sleep – and don’t want to. They maximize every moment, of every hour, of every day to build their vision and make it happen. But sometimes you can hit a brick wall. Energy wanes. Things aren’t going as planned, or hoped. Now what? Drink? Cry? Play…

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Is Your Customer Hack Alert Ready?

Ongoing escalation of sophisticated cyber attacks against governments and industries makes it inevitable that your company data WILL be hacked at some point. In order to handle such an attack with necessary speed for less damage to your company’s brand and customer goodwill, it’s important to prepare a draft letter to your customers in advance.…

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Bill Reichert: The Top 10 New Rules For Startups

Bill Reichert, Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures, offers his top 10 new rules to help startup founders think more realistically about strategy, sales, business model canvas and formula, value proposition, product differentiation and more. Sponsored by the Kauffman Founders School, this presentation is one of my favorites because it pulls together so many critical topics I often…

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