Do You Have A Customer Experience Program?

Customer Experience Management (CEM) programs are growing in popularity as companies of all sizes (even startups) invest more resources into data gathering and analysis of customer satisfaction levels and retention efforts. We all know that it’s less expensive to retain a customer than it is to win one due to marketing costs and sales time…

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Joan Rivers image

“Can We Tawk?” Joan Rivers – Master Brander

Today the world lost one of my favorite straight-talking tough cookies, Joan Rivers. I admired her fearlessness and resilience over a 50 year career of very public ups and downs. She always made me laugh or feel embarrassed for her (but she knew that and didn’t care). It was all part of the act. A globally successful…

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Basis Dashboard

Wearables: Quantified Self & The Basis Watch

In this revealing interview by Jason Calacanis, founder of This Week in Startups, he interviews Jef Holove, CEO of the Basis watch, a popular health and wellness wearable that was recently acquired by Intel. Watch Jason and Jef discuss Basis and its differentiation in the marketplace, smart watches, different wearables and categories, the lack of wearable data standards,…

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Digital Health Startup Funding Jumps

A new report by Rock Health, a leading digital health startup accelerator, offered up some good news to entrepreneurs who want to innovate in the digital health space. In its Digital Health Funding Midyear Review 2014, a number of findings stand out, among others: * $2.3 billion in funding at the half way point of 2014,…

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