Mary Meeker’s Crystal Ball: 2013 Internet Trends

If you’re an Internet entrepreneur, you may already know who Mary Meeker is. Though now a partner at A-list VC group Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byer, she originally began forecasting Internet trends as an analyst with Morgan Stanley starting in the mid 1990′s, during the Internet Boom.  She continues her educated look into the geeky…

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Cartoon: Social Media Marketing Gaffs

This witty social media marketing cartoon was shared by the Integrated Marketing Week 2013 team in an email marketing campaign today. It perfectly communicates why social media programs, backed by strategies and a smart content marketing plan, are so essential. Always think of the consumer. Enjoy!    


404 Error Pages Best Practices: Brand-Friendly Strategies

Every page on a Web site – even error pages – should communicate a company’s brand personality and customer service  commitment. It’s a critical moment to tell the user (or potential purchaser) that: a. there is a problem, b. apologize for it, and c. lead them somewhere else on the site or encourage them to…

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Pinterest Bungles Customer Service With TV Celebrity

Should customer service teams for social media communities, such as Pinterest, consult with a senior PR or marketing team member when a celebrity account may be involved with violating a site-wide policy issue? Another way to ask this is, do you want to risk tens of thousands of a celebrity’s fans (across multiple social networks) negatively…

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