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Wearables: Quantified Self & The Basis Watch

In this revealing interview by Jason Calacanis, founder of This Week in Startups, he interviews Jef Holove, CEO of the Basis watch, a popular health and wellness wearable that was recently acquired by Intel. Watch Jason and Jef discuss Basis and its differentiation in the marketplace, smart watches, different wearables and categories, the lack of wearable data standards,…

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Digital Health Startup Funding Jumps

A new report by Rock Health, a leading digital health startup accelerator, offered up some good news to entrepreneurs who want to innovate in the digital health space. In its Digital Health Funding Midyear Review 2014, a number of findings stand out, among others: * $2.3 billion in funding at the half way point of 2014,…

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How To Improve Digital Customer Experience

Forward-looking companies are on a quest to better understand and improve the digital customer experience. Rather than bolting on a digital strategy to a traditional marketing or sales strategy, as most companies do, the more innovative companies think “Digital First.” They re-design customer experience by building native digital experiences from the ground up in collaboration…

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Top 5 Reasons Case Studies Rule B2B Marketing

Case studies are the most effective marketing tool B2B companies can use to prove their products’ business value, define competitive differentiation, reduce the sales cycle and generate new leads. Why? 1. Sales Team Asset.  Case studies spotlight clients who reinforce the results a company’s sales team claims the product will deliver. For example, if your…

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