404 Error Pages Best Practices: Brand-Friendly Strategies

Every page on a Web site – even error pages – should communicate a company’s brand personality and customer service ¬†commitment. It’s a critical moment to tell the user (or potential purchaser) that: a. there is a problem, b. apologize for it, and c. lead them somewhere else on the site or encourage them to…

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Pinterest Bungles Customer Service With TV Celebrity

Should customer service teams for social media communities, such as Pinterest, consult with a senior PR or marketing team member when a celebrity account may be involved with violating a site-wide policy issue? Another way to ask this is, do you want to risk tens of¬†thousands of a celebrity’s fans (across multiple social networks) negatively…

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PB&J Twitter Vine Goes Viral

Here’s a great example of an engaging Twitter Vine by the @PeanutButterCo that recently went viral. It celebrates National PB&J Day and offers a coupon. Using short video is a smart way to emotionally connect product with consumers for an impulse action, whether it’s a purchase, a coupon download or a social share. Personally, I…

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Trends: B2B Marketing Budgets On The Rise

According to a recent survey by BtoB Magazine, marketers are bumping up their budgets for 2013. Here’s a snapshot of the latest trends. Does your company see any of these trends during the sales process? Over half of the marketers in this survey plan to increase their spend on digital marketing during this year.

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